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River Rafting in Rishikesh

The holy town of Rishikesh is situated at the foothills of Garhwal Himalayan range. The town is blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty. Pilgrims from around the globe come here to visit the religious places. The town is also known for the numerous yoga ashrams. The tranquil town of Rishikesh is also reputed for different adventure activities that it offers. Among many, river rafting is most popular in Rishikesh. The town is termed as the river rafting capital of India. Every year thousands of adventure seekers gather in Rishikesh to take part in rafting expeditions in the divine waters of the Ganges. There is no requirement of previous rafting experience or the knowledge of swimming to take part in this activity. Rishikesh offers a variation of rafting spots you can choose from. The famous rafting spots in Rishikesh are-

Shivpuri River Rafting

The term Shivpuri means ‘the abode of Lord Shiva’. This small town is located at a distance of 19 km from Rishikesh. Shivpuri is the second nearest point from the town of Rishikesh. Shivpuri is the place where rafting in Rishikesh originated. This peaceful town is situated near the Ganges and the visitors can reach the campsite without travelling a long distance. The quite town is really a dream come true destination for rafting enthusiasts. Shivpuri has well connectivity with other places of Rishikesh. The nearest airport is at Dehradun at a distance of 50 km.

Marine Drive River Rafting

Marine Drive is another natural spot for rafting in Rishikesh. The beauty of Marine Drive is breathtaking. It is the third starting point for rafting in Rishikesh. Marine Drive is located at a distance of 25 km from Rishikesh. The camps in this spot are perched across the Holy River Ganga. You will have to get across the river to reach the campsites. The Marine Drive is located in an open space compared to other campsites. The environment here is quite moderate and you can opt for this site for a hassle free holiday with your closed ones.

Byasi River Rafting

Byasi is a small hamlet located at a distance of 30 km from Rishikesh. Byasi is known as the perfect spot for river rafting. The popular rapids Three Blind Mice, The Danies Dip, Roller Coaster, Golf Course, Double Trouble, Hilton, Initiation and Terminator come on the way from Byasi to Rishikesh. Byasi is the one of the best place for white water rafting. Adventure seekers come to enjoy grade 4 rapid in this paradise of rafting.

Kaudiyala River Rafting

Kaudiyala is another famous spot for rafting in Rishikesh. It is located on the highway between Rishikesh and Srinagar. The majestically beautiful village is perfect for white water rafting. The popular rafting rapids The Danies Dip, Three Blind Mice, The Wall come on the way to Marine Drive and Shivpuri. If you are a rafting enthusiast Kaudiyala is the best place that offers grade 4 rapid stretch and thrilling river rafting experience. The river rafting stretch is 34 km from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh.

Best Time for Rafting in Rishikesh

River Rafting in Rishikesh is truly an experience to be cherished in your heart all your life. This adventure activity releases all the inhibitions and rejuvenates your mind body and soul. The appropriate time to enjoy this amazing activity is during the months of February to June and from September to December. The monsoon season witnesses a rise of water levels and hence rafting is not feasible in this days. Monsoon prevails from the months of July to August.