Adventure Paradise Camp Rishikesh- Kayaking, Yoga and Beach Volleyball

Adventure Paradise

Adventure Paradise Camp is one of the most sought after camping locations at the Shivpuri area at Rishikesh. It provides one of the best river rafting and camping facilities in this area. Situated just a minimal 100 m from the River Ganga this camp has adequate facilities to enchant a tourist.

There is a small tributary of the river Ganga, the Huel- flowing along the Adventure Paradise Camp. The camp has all the necessary facilities like washroom, toilets designed in both Indian and Western modes. There are comfortable seating and bedding provisions for the travelers ensuring a comfortable night stay after a daylong activity and adventure. The food is prepared by chosen number of cooks with proper attention being given to the health factor. Food is of the north Indian style with options of ordering customized dish based on availability.

Besides, there is a doctor on call facility to ensure safety and health of the guests. Bonfires are done almost every evening, which creates a magical situation altogether.


Kayaking: Even if you are an amateur in this sport, you can relax! There are experienced trainers to motivate and guide you on this.

Beach volley ball: This energetic sport is popular among the tourists here mainly because it adds thrill to be playing amidst natural surroundings on a river beach.

Yoga: The age old art of healing the body finds a whole new meaning here. Nature adds on an extra aura of energy and freshness to Yoga practices and meditation here.

Besides, there are other activities such as body surfing, carom, cricket, badminton etc. for a change. There are good parking facilities near the camp so that visitors have no problem in reaching the camping site.