Camp Crossfire Rishikesh- Camping, Rafting, Bonfire Package

Camp Crossfire

Camp Crossfire is one of the exotic camping facilities in Rishikesh. It is located in an amazing setting on the bank of the Ganges River with whereabouts of a white and vast sand beach, tall green hills and a jungle inhabited by various kinds of wild-life. It is situated at an exotic location at the Himalayan foothills and across the Ganga River (and hence can be accessed only by means of a boat or a ferry).

The name Crossfire is derived from the wonderful rapids that Ganges makes near the Camp, known popularly as Crossfire Rapids. It is a Grade-3 Rapid that involves little harder obstacles like those of irregular waves, rocks, multiple high etc. The passages are clean but the narrowness creates increases the difficulty level for the rafters. It is highly recommended that the rafter be an experienced hand and possess expertise in order to undergo the white water rafting in the Crossfire Rapids.


Camp Crossfire is an astounding assemblage of 25 well ordered, clean and stylish Alpine tents with essential toilet washroom facilities and also a tidy dining area amidst the trees. Camping here is absolutely safe, comfortable and a pleasant experience. Since the camping area is surrounded by thick forests, it is a cool serene area even during the summers.

There are excellent provisions of exotic Indian food (mainly North Indian food), which can be relished by the visitors during their camp stay. There are means of breakfast, lunch and also dinner which are prepared, managed by a highly experienced group of cook and staff. Every care is taken to ensure a visitor’s stay and the management is always willing to walk the extra mile to make the guest happy.


The White sand beach of the Ganga River is spread across just near the Camping location, which provides ideal room for performing various kinds of activities.

Beach Volley Ball: The neat and sparkling clean silver colored beach is just the perfect place to play Beach Volley Ball.

Kayaking: There are trainers to take your hand and guide you with the proper tutorials until you get a good command of Kayaking.

Body surfing: This is a popular water sport that people indulge in at this place. There are provisions of life jackets and guidance too.

Bird watching: The dense forest around the camp is home to more than 200 different varieties of birds, such as Hornbills, woodpeckers, Fowls, Martins, Flower peckers, Orioles, Flycatchers etc. Hence Bird watching is something that involves a lot of fun.

Yoga and Meditation: This is an ideal place for dipping into meditation, take yoga classes and do away with all the stress and depression.