Valley of Flowers- Info, Best Time to Visit, How to Reach

Valley of flowers


Valley of Flowers is located in the high nest of Himalaya’s mountain range. It is situated at an altitude of 3,600 m above sea-level cozily surrounded by snow laden mountains. The magnificent valley had remained unknown to humans, for many centuries. The valley usually remains hidden under layers of snow during winters and bursts with vibrant colorful flowers during summers. But as a divine intervention, mountaineer, explorer and botanist Frank smith accidentally discovered this heaven on earth in 1931. His famous book “Valley of Flowers” unveiled the majestic spot to the world.

The valley was declared as a National Park in 1982 and later it was declared as a World Heritage Site. The locals used to know about the place as the home of the fairies, but that did not give the valley the much deserving exposure. This land of flowers grows more than 650 varieties of different shapes and colors. Trekking to the Valley of Flowers can really be exciting and life changing.


The valley of flowers is a heaven on earth. It is a 3 km trek from Ghangria. You need to cross a bridge across Lakshman Ganga, which originates from Hemkund Lake. The T-point that comes after crossing the bridge will lead you to Hemkund to the right and Valley of flowers to the left. Exotic flowers begin from the iron bridge across Pushpawati River. Blue Poppies bloom here on the rocks but they go unnoticed to the visitors as most of them have meditation or sightseeing.

The vast valley is expanded in the form of meadows of flowers. It seems like as if some person is behind the proper maintenance of these farms. There are huge stretches of Himalayan Balsam, which is mostly present species of flower over this valley. The valley grows flowers of different types, but if you look at them you might spot only a few varieties. But you need to give a closure look to spot the extravagant species of flowers. The more you see, the more you will discover. There is also another flower type present named Himalayan Hogweed. The name of this flower may sound unusual, but this is a white flat-topped flower which beautifully blooms and soothes the onlooker’s eyes. There is another flower plant named Himalayan Whorl flower which is termed as the most beautiful flower. This flower blooms in abundance in this valley. The petals turn pale pink then rosy red during blooming time.There is also vegetation of famous woolly white flowers named Edelweiss. This flower usually grows in higher places of Europe, Asia and South America. Some flowers like Trailing Bellflower grow in lowland areas. There are lots of blue colored flowers to be found here. Some of the blue flowers are Forget-me-not, Blue Poppyand Blue Geraniums etc. Tourists come from around the globe to witness the majestic flowers. Some other exotic flowers found here are Pink Geraniums, Himalayan Thyme, River Beauty, Brahmakamal, Cobra lily etc.


The best time to visit the Valley of Flowers is during the months of July, August and September. The park is open for visitors from 1st June to 31st October. The snow starts melting in the month of May and valley of flowers witnesses the first blooming for the year. But during this time there is very much less visibility of flowers. A rush of pilgrims’ gathers in the month of June and as a result there is scarcity in finding decent rooms. The prices of food materials, stay at hotels and transport also increase according to the demand. If you solely have flowers in mind then the best period to visit is from mid-July to mid-August. In the month of September which is the beginning of autumn season, the flower plants slowly begin to dry up. It also starts to snowfall which makes it impossible to access the valley of flowers.


By Air: The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, but you can only go up to GovindGhat by road. You will ave to undertake a 16 km trek to reach Valley of Flowers.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Rishikesh at a distance of 270 km.

By Road: You can reach GovindGhat by roads and further trek to reach Valley of Flowers.